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The Burger House | Our Story

Our Story
We love Burgers and quality

The Burger House Story

In 2010, Burger House founder Nicolas Hegewisch had the chance to bring his cooking skills to perfection at the French Culinary Institute in New York and he didn’t hesitate. Together with his wife Paty, a restaurant-manager herself, he made his way across the pond to the big city.

They shared one big dream: run an own restaurant together one day. They returned to Munich in 2011, having gained invaluable experience. Inspired by the American style of food, they didn’t wait long and opened their first Burger House in Munich Haidhausen in January of 2012. Their mission was high quality food, fresh products and attention to detail.

To this day, all Burger House restaurants follow that original mission.

Regional beef

Our beef at Burger House stands for two things: quality and regional origin. That’s why we offer 100% juicy beef from a farmer from Bavaria for our guests. The cows spend their lifetime breathing the fresh air of the Bavarian Alps and enjoy a happy life in the open countryside with more than enough space. By working together closely with our farmer we make sure our guests at Burger House get the best beef there is. And you can definitely taste it!

Housemade bread

We are extremely proud of our burger buns. Thanks to a homemade recipe by founder Nicolas Hegewisch, our guests at Burger House can enjoy the perfect buns, fluffy and tasty at the same time. We bake our buns fresh every day so we can offer the best quality to our customers. Combined with our regional beef, these two main elements lay the foundation for our burgers.

Own sauce recipes

Every burger at Burger House provides a unique flavor. Main reasons are our delicious, homemade sauces. To make them, we of course only use fresh products, so we stick to our mission: to offer our guests the best quality possible. From our secret House Sauce to our daily fresh made guacamole, these sauces, combined with our beef and our buns, result in the unique taste of our burgers.